I have been a watercolor painter for almost twenty years, since receiving a second undergraduate degree in the art department at the University of Wisconsin, although I did not study watercolor while in school.  My watercolor training has been done privately with a large number of excellent  nationally known instructors.

Initially I painted views from nature such as flowers, milkweed pods, and koi, images taken from my life experiences.  I also painted figures, usually in scenes from my head.  Many of these were humorous or at least fanciful, such as my underwater portraits.  And there were the fat people..... When my daughter purchased a black lab, dogs appeared in my work, although not realistically.  I like pattern, and embellishments appeared everywhere. My paintings gradually became more abstract.  Most of my paintings are executed with an intuitive approach, that is, without much initial planning.  Each piece becomes a dialogue between  the paint and me. One stroke of the brush will lead to more ideas and more strokes.  When ideas don’t develop, I put the work aside and study it for days, sometimes weeks.

I frequently work on Yupo which is a synthetic  “paper” made from extruded polypropylene.  Sometimes it is called treeless paper.  One of its advantages is that the colors produced on it remain extremely brilliant.  Another is that the paint can be wiped off almost completely. This characteristic makes it possible to alter the image to a great extent, if desired.  However, a wayward drop of water or careless stroke of a wet brush will also remove color.  The paint sits on the surface and dries very quickly making it different to work on than standard watercolor paper.

I have grouped my paintings into four categories:  Dogs, Abstracts, Figures, and Florals.   You are invited to visit each gallery by clicking on the corresponding link at the top of this page.  Enjoy!

Susan J Young  Watercolors

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